Our survey showed that a surprising number of companies "shy" away from Promotional Product use as part of their regular marketing mix simply because they're afraid of it or it's too complicated. They're afraid the product idea will be a flop and who wants that on their back?

Here are a couple simple practices that will help you get the most for your marketing or human resources dollar$$ when it comes to advertising, recognizing and saying thanks with promotional products.

Plan Your Distribution!

Always have a distribution plan for any promotional products you buy. Plan at least mentally the whole way through to the point that the product actually gets into the hands of the intended recipient. Anything less than this may leave you short of the intended impact you had hoped for. Your intent and the actual practice of distributing may not be one and the same so be ready for contingencies that have the intended recipient using the product and reading the imprint.

It's not complicated!

Wow, all those specifications and setup charges etc. If you're working with a true professional all those seemingly endless specifications for the product should not stand in the way of getting where you need to be with a finished promotional idea in your hands. Your "gadget guy" ought to be able to instantly put you at rest in terms that support your decisions.

Make sure that you see in writing (electronic or otherwise) exactly what your imprint will look like on the product. It's always best to get an actual product sample too if time permits even if you have to pay for it.

Make them sweat the details so that your imprint is exactly what you want it to be and if they don't show you what that is graphically then you don't know what to expect. It's a kind of preventative medicine.

Work with a practicing professional that knows the industry. Look for someone with the Certified Advertising Specialist designation (C.A.S.). Then relax.


If part of your sales or marketing objective is to be in front of your customers then you need to use promotional products to accomplish that approach.  No other media fulfills that objective like promotional products.  Whether they are on the customer's desk or wall, in the pocket or car or at home nothing has the constancy or virtual impact that real, usable, three dimensional product advertising does. 

Research Shows…

According to a study conducted by Georgia Southern University, recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive opinion of a business through: more positive overall image, more positive perception of the business, higher likelihood of recommending the business as well as a higher likelihood of patronizing the business.

They Remember

A study of business travelers at Dallas Fort Worth Airport revealed that 71 percent of business people reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months. Of that group, 33.7 percent had the item on their person and 76.1 percent could recall the advertiser’s name! 52 percent of that group did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product and 52.1 percent reported their impression of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the item.

Recipients of promotional products remember the advertiser’s name. A study by Schreiber & Associates (Peoria, IL) showed that 39 percent of the people receiving a promotional product could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it.

Create Awareness

Promotional products are ideal for creating awareness among a selected audience. Southern Methodist University conducted a study to measure attendee awareness of product demonstrations in three university communities. They found that selective distribution of promotional products out-pulled newspaper advertising by a ratio of two-to-one.

Direct Mail Solutions

Promotional products used in direct mail solicitations, can boost response rates by up to 75 percent, according to a study by Baylor University. “Lumpy mail” get’s opened! Customers reorder faster and more often when promotional products are used instead of coupons. In a study by Southern Methodist University, customers receiving promotional products reordered up to 18 percent sooner than those who received coupons and up to 13 percent sooner than those who received no promotion.

Incentives Work

Promotional products effectively reinforce employee sales contests, too. A Baylor University study of month-long sales contests in retail establishments indicates that contests reinforced by periodic distribution of promotional products were cost-effective and outperformed non-stimulated contests by up to 50 percent.


Look around your environment. 

We'll make it work for you too!

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